And exhaustion sets in…

The theme for today is exhaustion, sluggishness, and heavy eyelids. I guess that’s normal after no more than 500 calories over the last week, but dang. Zzzzzzz.

I’m supposed to get 64 oz. of fluid and 60-80 (should be more like 80) grams of protein each day. Yesterday was my first day trying with the protein, and I didn’t quite hit the mark. With 4 EAS pre-mixed protein drinks, I hit 64 grams of protein and about 58 ounces of fluid. Not too shabby.

I did try two different “shake recipes” with protein powder and, um, GROSS. I’ll be sticking to the ready-to-drink store-bought concoctions for now.

G tube still hurts like a mutha. Only 4 and a half more weeks until it’s removed…. No nausea, no pain anywhere else. I can do this!


3 Responses

  1. You’re doing great Meghan! I’d venture to say that your weariness today probably can also be some aftermath of having surgery as well as the cut back in calories.

  2. wow and a half. you really are busting a move with your progress! I’m in awe of your protein intake. I need to kick up my game a little bit.

    I was EXHAUSTED for about a week post surgery. Give it some time, and the energy will rise again.

    sleep, my dear. it’s healing and restorative.


  3. Of course you can do this!! You’ve got a great attitude. I’m really impressed that you’re doing so well with your protein and fluids… I am still struggling to get it all in. Although it gets a tad harder when they pull you off those dang shakes… I miss the shakes!! I always knew I was getting my protein in when I had the comfort of them.

    I think the sleepiness is definently because of the surgery, fewer calories, and the exercise… read up on something they call hybernation syndrome… it typically happens in week 2 or so and you just have to push through it… basically your body thinks that it’s hybernating because you’re not feeding it like it’s used to – and it trys to shut down a little.

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