G-tube Drama

Ok, something isn’t right about the G tube. I was told to drain it three times per day: no problem. I was told to flush it with 1 ounce of water after draining: no problem. I was told to just lean back and let gravity pull the water down the G tube and into my resected stomach: PROBLEM. Every time I’ve flushed the G tube, I’ve had to use the fluid-pusher-thingy in the syringe-thingy. Gravity does not move the water down.

Plus, everything inside my body underneath the G tube area HURTS. Feels swollen.

So I’m thinking that my G tube is clogged, and my old stomach is filling full of crud and will explode any moment now (although I realize it still drains into my intestines and always will). But the gravity thing… tube must be clogged, right?

It got so uncomfortable that I finally called Dr. Jawad’s answering service. He called me back immediately, asked me to explain the problem, asked me when I’d had surgery, and then said to keep draining the tube, but do not put water in to flush it afterwards, and to come see him in the Orlando office on Monday. Monday. Hope I don’t combust first, you know?

Plus, I’m having pain behind one knee and trying to convince myself it’s not a blood clot. I mean, it’s probably not, right? I’ve been walking non-stop (except when I’m sleeping all night long). Blood clots are supposed to be extremely painful, right? So this annoying little feeling is probably nothing more than paranoia.

And I’ve been crying. All. Day. Long. Great for hydration, yes?

Note to posterity: post-op day 4 is scary. At least for me.

Edited to add: Ok, after a good long cry and some more pain peds, I’m back to feeling normal. What a roller coaster!


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  1. Wow – you know – I’m SHOCKED that he doesn’t remember you… but I guess he just cranks these out… my doctor only does 3 a day and knows me quite well. But regardless… if you start having serious pain get to the ER – FAST. You’ll have to use your judgement on it – but when in doubt – it’s better to be checked out than to just let it go and possibly get worse… or at least that’s my philosphy.

    I don’t know what to tell you about the knee thing… strange… I’d just watch it – maybe it’s because of the extra walking – if your body isn’t used to it – sometimes it rebells. Trust me on this!!

    I don’t remember having the element of crying… which for me is weird because I’m such a cry baby normally. Maybe there is just a hormonal mix that is changing with the weight loss and adjustment… it’s completely normal to be emotional about it, and to be scared…

  2. hi megs!

    okay, since I didn’t get a g-tube I can’t speak for any of those issues, except to say that it doesn’t sound fun and you are sounding incredibly trooperish to deal with it all.

    As far as the knee issue, I was on clot watch too…still am a little since my two weeks out hits on tuesday…however, I would say our age, and health work well for us in this arena. I’ve had odd little twinges and aches and pains but they all go away and I try to breathe deep and let it pass if it will.

    Crying. Oh lawsy chile. Come sit down next to me and I’ll cry with you. It’s such a rollercoaster. You cry those tears and you remember that you did an AMAZING thing, full of courage and vision for your future and this will be H.A.R.D. You’ll have your moments. You’ll have many. BUT, you will smile when your jacket fits a little better and your pants hang a little looser…Just. Like. Mine. Does. TODAY!

    You aren’t alone. If I could let you know one thing in the world it would be, you really are not alone. I am thinking of you, praying for you, and lifting you up to God. I’m blessed that I have you and other ladies to walk through this with. Thank God for blogging beauties, b/c with out you, I’d feel so alone!

    love, and cheers to better days.

  3. Meg, I am so glad Kim and Lacy gave you their thoughts as I was clueless! But I do agree to err on the side of caution with any real pain that doesn’t go away. Get to the ER; whatever it takes. Don’t play martyr and wait till Monday if something really off happens.

    All I can really say is that you and Kim and Lacy are my heroes; the ones who have gone before and are allowing me a preview of what to expect, both the good and the bad. I also think that everyone is going to converge on the other side of this victorious!

  4. What’s with the Gtube?

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