No joke, y’all, I heard all of the following yesterday in this order:

  • From my husband: “wow, honey, you look really pretty today! Your skin is beautiful.”
  • From my mom:”you must be feeling better! Your color looks great! You look wonderful.”
  • From my mom’s friend Wanda later in the day: “Your color looks fantastic. You look like you’re glowing! You must be feeling good!”
  • From some lady at the deli counter while she prepared my husband’s sub sandwich: “You have beautiful skin.”
  • From my psychiatrist: “You have that look of someone who’s just gone through detox. Your skin is radiating, it’s positively glowing. It’s like you’ve gotten all of the unhealthy foods out of your system. It must be all the water you’re drinking. You just look really hydrated.”

If one person had said something, I may have blown it off. But seriously, that is exactly what happened yesterday. Maybe it was the color of my shirt. Maybe it was my Bare Minerals makeup at its best. Maybe it really is a vibrant, healthy change in my skin. And maybe it was a combination of the three.

Let’s just pray it’s not the lack of birth control and the return of my libido. (ahem.)


3 Responses

  1. What great compliments!! Lack of birth control? My doctor has me using two forms… and they have a great chewable BC pill called Femcon Fe… I’ve been on it for about a year… and it works really well. Just an idea. 🙂

  2. You’re so funny! I’ve heard WLS folks talking about the positive changes in their skin, though I don’t completely understand it…either that or you really looked like dog doo for a couple of days! 😉

  3. of course you are glowing! you aren’t taking in any yucky grease or sugar. your body is lovin’ it. Especially your skin. 😉

    my skin is looking better too! 🙂

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