Talk about regret…

There have been fleeting moments since surgery 10 days ago where I’ve felt a twinge of regret, but it always passes and today I’m feeling better than ever.

But I have a friend Heidi who had bariatric surgery more than a year ago, and I called her yesterday just to let her know I’d finally gotten to the losing side. Heidi’s journey was totally different than mine: first off, she didn’t have insurance coverage, so she moved back in with her parents to save her pennies for the procedure. Secondly, she didn’t have quite as much to lose starting at only 270 pounds. With the financial situation and the lower total of weight to lose, Heidi decided on the lap-band procedure. As a self-pay patient, it cost her over $18,000.

And, sadly, the results aren’t impressive. Eighteen grand and more than a year later, Heidi has only lost 57 pounds.  That’s $315 a pound! She said she isn’t cheating, she’s exercising, and she feels stronger and healthier than ever, but that’s she’s done. Her body just won’t lose any more.

I’d like to think that it’s more of a plateau, and that a little extra work would push her at least over the 200 mark. But I can hear the sadness in her voice, and the slight tinge of jealousy that my insurance company made it possible for me to select the RNY procedure.

I just can’t imagine how that must feel. This surgery is it for me, and I will succeed, and this is the easiest it’s ever going to be (NOT that it’s easy!).  I’m grateful for my procedure and confident moving forward. I will succeed.


2 Responses

  1. You know – I bet if she stepped up the workouts or changed her diet for a few days – she’d find a little loss… has she been checking her measurements?

    I can relate to the feeling sad that it hasn’t been more of a loss – I’m feeling that every day right now… but deep down I know I’m just being a whiny female.

    There are times that I think we all feel a small bit of regret about what we’ve had to do to get control over our lives… but its so worth it – and for every one of those moments – there are 10 that prove just how worth it the surgery is!

    Welcome to the losing side – sister! 🙂

  2. Though it is easy to sit here and suggest what someone else should do, I have to wonder if your friend has been back to her doctor to see what else HE can do. Is he giving her enough at her fills? What does he recommend as she has quit losing?

    I never wanted the lapband because as odd as it sounds…I’d rather have my insides rearranged than to have a foreign object inside of me indefinately. That would really freak me out.

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