Weigh In

You asked for it, you got it!

Surgery 01/22/08: 297

Two weeks later 02/05/08: 284

No, a 13-pound loss isn’t stunning. No, it’s nothing like the dude from my surgeon’s office who lost 24 pounds in his first week. No, I’m probably not one of those people who will lose 30 pounds the first month.


I’m moving down the scales. Perhaps slower than others, but I’m going in the right direction. I think exercise will be a key component for me, and I’m committed to walking on a regular basis. Next it will be cycling classes at the gym.

And while 13 pounds doesn’t sound like much, it makes a grand total of 80 pounds lost since my highest weight last April.  It’s a process, but I see the goal and it just doesn’t seem that far away any more. I know I’ll get there!


3 Responses

  1. Great attitude Meg!! It’s sometimes hard to not get those fast results – or the results I expected… but in other ways its better. I’ve been told (I’m sceptical) that losing slower will help with not having to have plastic surgery… we’ll see!!

  2. 13 pounds is nothing to sneeze at and the “dude” will always lose it faster than any female. Your attitude is fabulous and the pounds will come off!

  3. I’m going to pinch you! When was the last time you lost thirteen pounds in two weeks before? I NEVER have! I’m trying to remember where I was at on my two week mark…*scratches head*

    Honestly, it freaks me out that I’m losing so quickly. I know, I know, it’s nothing to complain about, but 30 pounds in three weeks is kind of frightening!

    You really inspire me, Meg! You really kicked it up with your pre surgery weight loss. Your commitment is stunning and inspirational! I’ve not yet started exercising, (so tired, feeling blechy) but I cannot wait till I can incorporate exercise into my daily routine.

    Isn’t it so comforting to walk through all this together?

    you are on my mind and in my heart beautiful!

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