As you know, I returned to work full-time on Monday. Yesterday, one of our professors came up to me and said, “How are you doing? I had a friend who had that surgery and she’s doing great… ” blah blah blah.

Umm, okay, I didn’t realize anyone knew exactly which procedure I was having but whatever, they work here full-time, and word gets around.

Then tonight a student popped by my office and said, “Hey! I heard you had that lap-band surgery… I’m having it too in a few months!”

Umm, HOW IN THE HECK WOULD A STUDENT HAVE HEARD THIS??? I mean, it’s incorrect, but awfully close to the truth! I said, “wow, I’m surprised you heard about that. It’s not something I’ve told many people. I actually had a different surgery, but I wish you well with yours!”

I’m incredibly frustrated that somebody thought it was appropriate to pass this information on to our students. Colleagues knowing is bad enough, but I consider this private medical information and it baffles me how it became public knowledge.

But now that the word is out, I guess all I can do is carry on as normal. It just makes me angry that somebody along the way thought that this very private information should be made public.

Lesson learned: if I don’t want everybody to know, I’d better not let anybody know.


4 Responses

  1. Meg,

    I hear ya! I told our prayer group at church, which consists of four other people and I told the parish administrator. Two weeks later, a man in our congregation came into my office and said “So I hear you and Chris are getting gastric bypass.”

    Not a clue who told him and it isn’t even that I mind him knowing. The fact is there are two people in our very small congregation that I DO NOT want to know so that was why I only told a select few. Nothing is sacred apparently; not even in church.

  2. I’m sorry that they invaded your privacy… that is strange that someone told a student… I can’t imagine that…

  3. ergh…that can take you off gaurd for sure. Kudos for your reaction…poise and grace!

    OH! And I forgot to say CONGRATS on the huge news! so happy for you, Meg. What a beauty you are…soul, body and mind.

  4. hi meggs
    i’ve been following your entries, and i’m so happy for you that things are going well. i definitely understand your dismay at the way your personal business has been discussed around your workplace. i told my close coworkers about my surgery — i wasn’t really out to keep it a secret — but was taken aback when people working in different cities than mine knew all about it. it seems my boss was so excited about how it was going for me, that he was talking to anyone who would listen! he meant well, and i’m over it. but it was rather startling at the time!

    all the best to you!

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