Reward Time!

I admire you guys who can stay away from the scale on a daily basis. Seriously, I’m in awe. I have no such willpower at this time. Sometimes that means I’m all upset because I haven’t lost (or have gained), but on days like today, I’m glad I checked!

Today’s weight: 279.4, which means Reward #1 is all mine! The reward isn’t for dropping pounds, necessarily, but for making good choices, sticking with the plan, and toughing it through thus far. Yay me! I’ll be back to report on my shopping adventure!


2 Responses

  1. Have a wonderful time spending that card! You deserve it! Way to go!

  2. Yeah!! I love reward time!!

    It took me almost 3 months to get to a point where I realized that I was starting to have a real problem with weighing all the time… it was driving me crazy!! It sucks just as bad to not see it move, BUT at least I only allow myself to feel that once (or maybe twice) a week. For my it’s my way of managing the chaos that I was creating in my head being so upset and frustrated all the time.

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