Playing Nurse

I’ve been MIA because my husband Lee had a hernia repair surgery early Tuesday morning and I’ve been playing nurse all hours of the night since then. No time for reading blogs or updating my own.

He’s doing great, feeling much better today, and even showering. Yay for progress!

As for me, I’ve taken this time at home with him to start soft foods, and let me tell you… yum, YUM, yum, YUM! My psychologist says I need to think of food only as fuel, and therefore not get excited about reintroducing soft foods. Obviously, she hasn’t been slurping protein shakes for a freakin’ month.

Yesterday I had a few saltine crackers, some very think sliced deli turkey, one very thin slice of swiss cheese, some refried beans, and an ISS Oh Yeah! protein wafer. Oh, and a pretzel.

Let me just say this: it’s much more difficult to get fluids in when every food isn’t basically water. And I know I wasted calories on some things with zero nutrition, like crackers, but they were SO good! I promise I won’t go crazy on them.

Everything went down really well, no pain, no problems. The only thing is that I still can’t feel “full” unless something is clogged or whatever (in which case I get pain at the stoma and the feeling that everything is backing up into my esophagus). So without that feeling, it’s hard to know when I’ve had enough. So I just measure little portions, and call it quits based on that. I feel the same after eating as I did before, but I know the feeling will return eventually.

Today: chicken salad. Yum!


2 Responses

  1. You’re doing great!! I do the same thing with portions – mainly because that way my head doesn’t get in the way and cause me to overeat.

  2. Hope Lee is doing okay and yay for you being on soft foods! Have you been able to get rid of that dreaded drain yet?

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