One of those days

Today has been Rough with a capital “R.” I don’t know why, but my emotions are all over the place!

Professionally, I feel like a total loser. The short version of the story is this: I advised a student who thought he was graduating this semester with his wife. He received confirmation from academic records that was the case.

Then, through a quality control process, someone discovered some of his transfer credits had been entered twice. Now, as this guy’s academic advisor, I did not enter those credits, but I certainly should have caught the error. (and, by the way, he should have too). I prayed about it all weekend, and then called him this morning to let him know what happened and that he’s actually EIGHT CLASSES away from finishing his degree.

The student is devastated. He’s going to lose his job because he won’t be able to get his teaching certificate during the timetable his employer requires. He’s not going to get to walk at graduation with his wife. His family members have already purchased plane tickets, and it’s just a stinking mess.

I know this isn’t entirely my fault. But I also know that I should have caught this problem months ago. It’s really humbling to make such a huge, stupid oversight. I just feel horrible.

The student’s mother called me and literally yelled at me while I listened and cried for a half hour (see? My emotions are wacky!)

I trust God to provide for the student. To protect his job. To protect our University’s reputation. To be BIG in this mess.

I’m here to HELP students. I truly hate failing at that.


3 Responses

  1. You didn’t fail… it was a mistake… one that all parties could have prevented. I remember getting ready for my college graduation, and I was so overly obsessed with looking through all my transcripts to make sure that everything was accounted for.

    So bottom line – you made a mistake, but you deal with how many students? He made a mistake, and it’s HIS degree… where is his accountability?

    Sure the natural reaction is to get upset and blame anyone else when you screw up… and that is what the kid is doing, but it’s a sign of maturity to take responsibilty for your own short-comings. The kid needs to learn that lesson, and you need to not beat yourself up over it.

  2. you sweet thing…I love your heart.

    Keep in mind, God foreknew so he foreplanned. This guy will be okay. It’s MINOR in the scheme of life.

  3. Oh Meg, I’m so sorry this happened. But, those of us who have faith have to know that it happened for a reason, as part of a bigger picture we can’t see. I truly believe that. Though I’m sure it may not help you to feel much better right this minute, you still can’t beat yourself up for it.

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