Preparing for the Flab

So I had it penciled in on my Franklin Covey planner that I needed to call my insurance company and ask about skin removal coverage.

I don’t have procedure codes, I don’t have a ton of medical information. So, like a dummy, I basically just asked, “um, hi, can you send me the policy bulletins on skin removal after gastric bypass?”

The girl couldn’t really answer my question because it isn’t explicit in my policy. She looked up my bariatric benefits and said that my policy does include pre-op and and post-op care (duh) as well as reconstructive surgery. Well now that’s good news.

I asked about the panniculectomy since it seems to be covered most often, and she read the policy to me. Something about having to be documented in the medical record that there’s rashing and chafing that it reoccurs over time. So I see a million visits to my dermatologist or primary doctor in my future.

What I really know I’ll need is a brachioplasty. My arms already look like they belong on somebody three times my age, and it’s only getting worse.

Anyhow, the girl said it would be wise to talk to my doctor, get procedure codes, and call back. What I’ll actually do is research procedure codes on the internet, and then call them back once the new benefit year starts April 1st. I’ll consider this Cosmetic Surgery Plan of Attack part I. Other elements of the plan:

  • contribute as much as I can to pre-tax medical savings accounts for what won’t be covered
  • exercise and lotion. exercise and lotion. exercise and lotion.
  • vitamins and water. vitamins and water. vitamins and water.

And so if I start planning for this now, perhaps I won’t have to wait quite 10 years for approval once I’m done losing weight! (which feels like it may be never, by the way. I am losing so S L O W L Y!!!)


2 Responses

  1. Oh girl… I can SO relate on the slow losing process. It stinks!! Or at least I feel like it does when I hear about people dropping 60 – 70 pounds in the first two months… and here I sit at 46 pounds after 3 months. ARG!

    I hope that you get some good news about the plastics… I think it’s really rare to get coverage on that. So consider yourself lucky that it’s even in your policy.

  2. Hi sunshine.

    so basically, I’m so where you are at. My arms…euch. I have slight batwings already from the flab, so I KNOW it will only get worse….

    however, I’m not going to even PONDER plastics until I know if or if not I can live with it. I’m trying to have the attitude that extra skin will be better than extra fat…but we’ll see.

    we’re young, so I truly believe we’ll both shrink up more than others….cross our fingers!

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