Things that make you go hmmmm…

At the chiropractor’s office this morning, I noticed a sign that said:

Your body doesn’t need help. It just needs less interference.

It’s a simple statement, but one that hit me like a ton of bricks. My body doesn’t need the newest, most improved supplement that’s sure to make me live longer, lose weight, and Be Beautiful. I don’t need açaí berry juice or organic steel-cut oatmeal or super-pure fish oil pills.

I just need less interference. From unhealthy, empty crap like crackers (GUILTY!). Like all the stuff that used to knock me off balance and keep me from feeling clear and full of energy.

The secret isn’t buying something new and miraculous to put in my body. It’s just keeping the crappy stuff, the interference, OUT!


One Response

  1. That is SO true… I only wish my sister would realize that it’s not about the latest and greatest new organic product… it’s about the bigger picture.

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