Y’all, I’m doing something I haven’t done in years. I’m wearing a skirt. A skirt that falls just below the knee. A skirt that puffs up and out with every little gust of wind. A skirt that shows my calves. I feel so nekkid!

But I also feel incredibly lady-like. I think I might even be prancing a little.

So what inspired the skirt-wearing? Well, I was cleaning out my closet for the 50th time in the last year, and I decided to try this skirt on. It was too small when I ordered it for Easter 3 years ago, and I tried it on a million times, and tried pairing it with a looser shirt so the tightness wouldn’t show, etc. It never fit.

Well, I tried it on this weekend and it nearly fell off. The thing won’t last another 5 pounds.  So I had to wear it now or never.

And so I twirl. Calves showing and all.


4 Responses

  1. YAY for you, Meg! That must feel incredible!

  2. How fun! Pictures!!

  3. I know…GIVE US PICTURES, or GIVE US DEATH!! Ok, not really. 😉

    But it’s fun for us to watch you shrink too!

  4. so…am I the only one noticing that I have a butt bone all of a sudden? Geez…I must have lost it all in the booty, cause my butt always hurts these days. 😛

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