I Heart Florida

So Friday night my niece and nephew Alexis and Jose spent the night (AGAIN… that’s like 3 weekends in a row). I swear, I love those kids with all my heart, but I was beginning to miss having some down time on the weekends. It just reminds me how much I’m not ready to have my own children yet!

BUT, my annoyance turned to delight on Saturday. It was gorgeous weather–about 84 and windy–so we headed to the beach. New Smyrna Beach, to be exact. Not surprisingly, it looked like the entire state of Florida took to the beach as well, so the drive over was a bit congested, but I was reminded all over again that there’s enough shoreline for everybody! Once we were actually on the beach, it didn’t feel crowded at all.

So I’ve been to the beach a zillion times, basically grew up ON the beach, and despite my weight issues, I’ve always felt 100% at home near the ocean. My husband Lee, however, has watched a few too many Discovery Channel specials and is convinced that a shark will eat him alive if he goes in the water past mid-calf. (Let’s not talk about how freaked out he gets when I tell him I want to start SCUBA diving with my dad.) But I have to give credit where credit is due, so I must add that Lee is the KING of sand sculptures. Big ones. So there’s that.

Anyway, when I go to the beach with Lee, I know it will be a different experience than going with, say, my mom or a friend. With my mom or a friend, we get there early, pack a cooler, and stay until we’re either too tired or too sunburned (always despite sunscreen) to stand it anymore. With Lee, it’s a 90-minute excursion: lunch, walk, sandcastle, leave.

But with the niece and nephew, it was HEAVEN! Jose is only 7, and he’d actually NEVER BEEN to the beach before! What kind of aunt have I been up until now?!

His little face lit up the moment we got in the water. I was out there with the kids for HOURS body-surfing and jumping in the waves. It was so fun! We even got Lee to come out to his knees. KNEES, I tell you! And with the kids in tow, we were there a good 6 hours before we could leave. AWESOME.

One bad thing: I forgot my stinking camera. But! I’m going back on Friday (Good Friday tradition!), so I’ll be sure to take pictures then.

I can’t even tell you how good it feels to have spent some time at the beach. I can barely stand waiting for Friday to roll around so that I can go back again!


2 Responses

  1. just rub it in, why doncha!!!

    *waves from butt freezin’ cold michigan*

  2. I love the beach and the ocean…my very favorite things ever!

    Hey, good chance I am heading you way in May!

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