These are long overdue. All apologies. In fact, you deserve better pictures than these. I charged the camera, emptied the memory card, slipped the camera into my purse… and then forgot to use the darn thing while I was having a BLAST with the family.

So these sad little pictures are at the end of the day, lipstick long gone, with the sun fading fast in the background.

So now that I made that first step of bringing the camera to an event, I just have to work on USING IT. Until then:

Easter 1

With a goofy smile. I look more like someone who NEEDS to lose 100 pounds than someone who has already done it, but heck: I’m officially 46% of the way through my weight loss journey (at least in terms of pounds). Woohoo!

Easter 2

My hair looks like it’s a weird color (hot pink?) and my belly looks rather pregnant, but I promise neither of these things are true in real life. At least I hope they’re not.

It is amazing though. It was this time last year that made me wake up and realize I needed to do something. I saw pictures of myself looking bloated, uncomfortable, hot, and miserable. Those pictures from last Easter (which everybody erased, by the way), are ancient history. This year I’m 102 pounds lighter, a whole lot healthier, and very confident that NEXT Easter will be even better!


5 Responses

  1. Meg – you look great! I took some new pics yesterday, but have to wait for the hubby to put the before pic next to the after. Glad to see that you got the camera out… next time you’ll remember to get the photos earlier in the day 🙂

  2. just for the record, you are ALL kinds of beautiful!

  3. congrats on the loss, meg! you’re doing so well…and i must agree with lacy — you are beautiful!

  4. Hotness right there! 😀

  5. Your hair looks auburn and you certainly do not look pg, but what you do look is beautiful! You look incredible and should be very proud of what you have achieved!

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