This might just stop you in your tracks…

I had an epiphany logging my weight today. We’ve got 39 weeks and 5 days left in 2008.

Where do YOU want your weight to be on December 31, 2008?

Me? I dream that I could be done by then, hitting a low of 140 and maintaining below 145 forevermore. And you know what? It’s possible. 3.09 pounds per week and I’m there.

I know it’s important to set realistic goals (because as slow as I’m losing, 3 pounds per week is pretty agressive). And weight isn’t the goal anyway–health is.

But seriously? I’m going to have that 39 week number in my head all day. I’m going to make this a kick-ass 39 weeks!


4 Responses

  1. YOU GO GIRL!! It’s possible – if we have a couple of really good weeks – we can hit the impossible by the end of the year!! Won’t it be great to post how far we’ve come at the end of this year?!

  2. Go Meghan, Go Meghan, it’s your birthday! You can totally do it!!

  3. […] and the fact that I’m staying on track to accomplish this goal in 35 weeks and 6 […]

  4. whoa….only?


    okay, in thirty something weeks…I want to have lost ONE HUNDRED POUNDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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