Letter of Forgiveness

Dear Meghan,

You’ve come a long way! The steps you’re taking now are the steps you’ve wanted to take, have thought about taking, have started to take… since you were 13.

But stop and take inventory of yourself for a second: you have a spring in your step. A spark of energy in your personality. A blooming sense of confidence. You’re not stagnant… you’re moving full speed ahead!

The 13 year-old who wrote a letter to herself is beaming. The 18-year old is cheering you on. The future You is doing backflips in excitement.

You’re doing all the work it takes to stop, turn around, and walk a different path. The daily decisions you make are inching you one step closer to the person you want to be.

This isn’t everybody’s story, this is YOUR story. And the work you’re doing will move 364 pounds further and further into your past. If you were lingering there, you might feel ashamed. But you’re not lingering… you’re plodding forward every single day, every single morning, with every single meal toward something far better. There’s no shame in turning things around.

I won’t say I forgive you like it’s done and over with. But I do forgive you, each and every day, all over again, as you make every decision.

And keep your head up.




3 Responses

  1. Meghan…this gave me goosebumps. Especially the line “this is not everyone’s story, this is YOUR story.”

    mmm hmmm. amen.

  2. Love it, Meg. You did very well!

  3. That’s a phenominal letter – I’m so proud of you. You need to make an appointment to reread that letter to yourself on a regular basis… and what a great gift.

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