Taste Buds Reactivate!

Fresh out of surgery, following a month of liquids, ISS OhYeah! Protein Wafers tasted like little pieces of heaven.

Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve been able to resume somewhat-normal eating habits. Maybe it’s that “your-tastes-will-constantly-change-after-surgery” phenomena. Maybe it’s that the packages aren’t quite as fresh as they were a month ago.

But today? ISS Oh Yeah! Protein Wafers taste like freaking TREE BARK.


4 Responses

  1. I’ve been wondering about those “oh yeah” thingies….

  2. How interesting… maybe it’s hormonal too? Sometimes my tastes change during certain times of the month… but I’d give it a little while and try one more time before deciding. Then if they truly are gross – you’ll know and maybe you can sell them to someone else.

  3. LMAO. Someone else called ’em birdseed.

  4. I ate a bite of a Detour bar today.

    MILDEW. All mildew. I wanted to listerine.

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