Weekend Wrap-Up

I have been busily keeping myself from eating all weekend. Sound crazy? Well, I mean it. Lee’s back to work, so I have two long days to be home by myself, supposedly cleaning and relaxing and doing chores and what-not. But what do I immediately resort to when I’m home by myself? Snacking. And TV. That’s the life of a fat girl, so I’ve got to build new habits. And dammit, I’m trying!

So to keep myself occupied, here’s my weekend:

Friday. I get off of work at 4, home by 5. Lee was working until 9pm, so I needed something to keep me busy. I decided to swing on by my parents’ house and spend the evening with them. Not that their house is a snack-free zone, by any means, but I missed them and wanted to chat and not sit home alone. So I went, had a great time, and left with leftovers to take home for Lee to eat (SCORE!)

Saturday, I actually had to work. My University was doing some volunteer work at the House of Hope, and I got there at 8:30 to start registering volunteers and directing people to their stations. My parents decided to come and lend a hand, and I’m so glad they did… my dad somehow became the Painting Team Captain, mom became Queen of Communicating with Teenage Girls, and I… I don’t have superpowers like they do. So I just cleaned aluminum for resale, raked leaves, and delivered water bottles to everybody else.

When that was over, I went to Chick-fil-A with my mom and dad. I ate a grilled chicken breast with cheese, which always goes down just fine. But the diet lemonade? Omigosh, I looooove it. I can’t drink with meals, but I buy it anyway and SAVE it. For a REWARD. It’s that good.

So when I got home, I decided to hit the gym. I needed to work for my diet lemonade reward, after all. I did an hour on the treadmill, burning like 680-something calories. Boo-yow!

I came home, stripped naked, started laundry, and eventually made it into the shower. What can I say, it’s not everyday you can do naked laundry, you know? (I probably just revealed way too much, but whatever).

I watched a movie on TV, did some reading, and then… my mom called inviting me over for dinner. For the 3rd meal in a row, I got to each with my folks! I ate a grilled chicken breast again, some grilled onions, and pretty much all of a small baked potato. Then my heart started racing wildly and I fell asleep. I’m thinking the potato did me in. I woke up while their movie was almost over, decided to go home, and met Lee right as he walked in the door. With leftovers from mom & dad’s again. (DOUBLE SCORE!)

Sunday, however, was rough. Lee was supposed to work 8-5, so that left me all day home alone. I’d exhausted escapes to my parents house. Grocery shopping was done. House was clean. Laundry done. And I really didn’t feel like going to the gym. So I watched a little TV, drank my protein shake, watched a little more TV, and then started chomping on some leftover spaghetti… ALL BEFORE 10 AM. Fat girl behavior, y’all.

I had to get out of the house or the cycle would continue all day. I decided to go to the beach by myself (sister couldn’t meet me) because the weather was perfect. Loaded the car, put on my swimsuit, and headed out of the driveway. But then I realized that it’ll cost me half a tank of gas, and I’m already going to the beach on Wednesday, so I turned around. And decided to “lay out” in my backyard. I did an hour on each side, and then… hubby walked in! He left a little early, so we had from about 3:00 on to hang out together, so I narrowly avoided a few more hours left home alone with nothing to do.

Lessons from this weekend?

  1. WLS doesn’t cure habits. I still have work really hard to not fall into old patterns when I’m home by myself. THAT’S MY DANGER ZONE.
  2. I need some friends to hang out with on weekends. They all have husbands off of work and little kids, so they’re not particularly available on Saturdays and Sundays.
  3. And if I can’t find a friend to hang with, I need to just GET OUT OF THE HOUSE. Anywhere is fine. The gym. The beach. Shopping. Walking. Anything… just get out!

And so there you have it. I’m a work in progress. And I’ve still got to write my stupid Letter of Forgiveness some time within the next two and half hours. And I’m stuck at 260.5 pounds. IT WON’T BUDGE. But I know I just need to be patient, because after these stalls comes the freefall!


3 Responses

  1. hi beautiful!

    I’m so proud of you for being such a self aware hottie!

    I’ve been noticing bad habits of my own. Like not measuring my snacks and grazing. It’s worst for me on the weekends…since I don’t have my work day schedule in place. I skip snacks, skip meals, graze, graze, graze.

    Then, it feeds into the workday! I think the habit of not measuring is a deadly one. I got a little bowl of salad, put some dressing on top (a tablespoon?) had a piece of cheese, and a piece of turkey breast EGAD. That is a whole helluva lot of food for me…The salad might have equaled a cup, but you know how easy it is to chew salad down since it’s all water. Still, I could tell I was full about 1/2 way in, but didn’t stop!!!

    Now, I’m not dooming myself, but for sure, I gotsta nip this in the BUD!

    I’m glad you are doing so well, lovely! You make me happy with your progress!

  2. Sounds like you did very well, Meghan! I’ll probaby be rereading this in a couple of months when I’m facing my own demons!

    I so wish the beach was a half a tank of gas away for me! It’s about a four hour journey from here and it is my favorite place…well, any beach is really! I adore the ocean.

  3. You know – I can completely relate – my bad area is at work when it gets stressful… the snack machine (mainly peanut M&M’s) call me like an old friend that can take the pain away… but I’m trying to figure out new ways of dealing with it instead of falling back into the old habits.

    Someone once said to me: “weight loss surgery doesn’t cure my brain” and that’s so true… but I applaud your efforts, and honestly in figuring out what your triggers are.

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