Megameggs: Swimsuit Edition

First of all, props to Lacy for the banner. She’s my hero!

Secondly, props to Lane Bryant for putting my swimsuit back up on their website (it had disappeared for a few days). This saves you all the trauma of seeing ME in the suit, and instead viewing their tanned and relatively lean model.

So here she is, this summer’s swimsuit:


With this little coverup number at my mom’s suggestion:


And the beach on Wednesday? GORGEOUS. I so love the beach. It was really warm (85ish?), but the freezing cold water cooled us off when we got too hot. The rip currents were bad and we saw a lifeguard rescue someone, but otherwise it was a glorious, peaceful day. I didn’t even get sunburned! And the bathing suit stayed in place all day, no shoulder strap slipping, no riding up, no stretching out… I was happy with it. In fact, my little sister Rachel is going to get the blue version of the same suit.

So now I’m just counting the days until I can go back to the beach.

And today? I’m off to check out my reward system. I hit 258.8 pounds today, so I need to see what my reward is for getting under 260!


3 Responses

  1. EEEE! That’s cute! Super cute!

    The sadness of my swimsuit situation is that my ass is HUGE. I mean, we are talking shelf butt. And, my thighs are cottage cheese city, and my arms, euch. let’s not go there.

    I thought I might be ready for a suit…but I’m wondering after trying one on. Especially the tankini seems to accentuate the shelf butt….Lord help me.

    BUT, i bet you will be a stunna!

  2. Man, Lacy cracks me up!! I think the suit is super-cute too! I’m not quite ready to hit the town (or beach) in a bathing suit yet, but maybe someday soon… the problem with me though is that after 10 minutes (with or without sunscreen) I will have a sunburn complete with blisters. And combine that with my allergies to saltwater… and the beach is not a good experience for me… sadly. So I guess my fun with a bathing suit will be (as usual) under the canopy on our boat… in the lake.

  3. I love the suit! But I think this summer is gonna be too soon for me to buy a new one, but we’ll see.

    Kim, you have a boat?? So do we! Why don’t we all live closer????

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