This Post Could Save My Marriage

I love my husband. I really do. But today is one of those days that his every little move is grating on my every little nerve. I know I sound like a bitch, but that’s because today… I am one.

He was home yesterday. He thought it would be a great idea to reorganize our bedroom closet. He thought that since I had taken down the storage bins above the rack where my clothes hang, that the space was fair game. He thought that above my clothes would be a great place to line up his eight-freaking-million pairs of freaking tennis shoes. Above my clothes. My clean clothes.

Now he has put his shoes above his clothes for as long as I’ve known him. Fine. But I don’t want somebody’s dirty soles raining down dirt or anything else on my clothing. That, and the entire closet suddenly smelled like shoes. Not fresh laundy… shoes.

So my side of the closet consisted of the clothes that fit at the moment hanging up, my shoes on this massive space-hogging shoe rack, a laundry basket full of clean towels (because some idiot didn’t think about a linen closet when they designed this house), and another giant laundry basket full of socks. Lee’s clean socks that never, ever get put away. Oh! and his shoes chillin’ above the whole thing.

Do you see the problem here? My side of the closet was filled with crap that isn’t mine, and in a pattern that makes absolutely no sense for me, and was completely redesigned without my input.

So. I saw it this morning and was LIVID. Overreaction? Yep. I see that too. But all I said to my husband was, “honey, the closet looks great. But do you think we can find a different way to do the shoes? I don’t really like having dirty shoes above my clean clothes.” I was very nice.

Lee happily said, “sure!” with a smile on his face. And promptly moved all of his belongings out of our bedroom closet and into one of the spare bedroom closets way across the other side of our house. It’s impractical. It’s stupid. It’s not how married people are supposed to work out closet issues.

I’m so frustrated right now I could cry. I didn’t want him to move out of the closet, I just wanted his GODDAM SHOES SOMEWHERE BESIDES ON TOP OF MY CLOTHES. Isn’t that reasonable?

So since he’s apparently not upset, he sees this as a wonderful solution, I got out of the house and went to gym. When I came home, our master bedroom closet was empty of his clothes and full of mine.

FULL OF MINE IN EVERY SIZE IMAGINABLE. There was a PLAN for this dammit! A system! I don’t need every freaking piece of clothing I own hanging in my stupid closet! Most are too big. Some are too small. They HAD been arranged in storage bins by size to either shrink into, give away, or try to sell.

And my shoes? I had arranged them in a hanging storage back this morning. THEY ARE NOW BACK ON THAT GODDAMNED SPACE-WASTING SHOE RACK THAT I HATE.

I’m yelling here instead of yelling at him. I am so angry. It seems stupid to get this upset about a closet. But dammit, it’s MY stuff and I had it a certain way for a reason, and I just want him to leave it alone! I don’t rearrange HIS shit when he’s not home!


Oh? And he did the favor of moving the laundry to the dryer while I was done. And all my delicates were drying on the TOWEL cycle.

SHOOT ME NOW. Seriously. This isn’t going to be a good day unless I can calm the freak down.

Edited to add: I’m so glad I vented here instead of out loud to my husband. We’ve spent the rest of our Saturday in a relatively normal state of affairs. But tomorrow when he leaves for work? I’m fixing my closet!


3 Responses

  1. I suppose after reading this, that I should be careful of what I wish for. Chris (The Brit) doesn’t do a damn thing around here for the most part (tho I was shocked today when he suggested we all go outside and work in the front yard, but this NEVER normally happens) and his lack of household input generally pisses me off.

    I am so rethinking things now!

    Oh and no, female to female? You are totally not being unreasonable!

  2. I’m sorry that this is happening… I get frustrated too! We don’t typically move each others clothes around in the closet – other than me hanging them up when they get washed.

    Maybe it’s just one of those days when your body is releasing lots of hormones into your system and it just hit you a lot harder… it is always a good thing to vent on here instead of to him… unless he reads the blog – like John… then it would start up again for me…

  3. Oh. my. gosh. I could have written a post just like this so many times. Mike gets it in his head that he’s going to do something, so he just does. And doesn’t consult me, but it’s so hard to be pissed justifiably, since he does it with such good will!


    yeah, suck.

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