So after the closet freak-out this weekend, I thought I had my emotions under wraps. Until last night.

When I cried, and cried, and cried, and cried for NO REASON. I wasn’t sad about anything, but I felt like I would never be able to stop the tears! Thankfully, I was home by myself so nobody has to witness my craziness or have me committed to a mental institution.

I gave myself Sunday and today off at the gym. Something in my body obviously needs a time out.


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  1. Bloody hell….bad pms maybe? Mine used to get that way prior to zoloft, which is the wonder drug. Are you feeling better today????


  2. No, not pms believe it or not! I’m just a freakazoid, that’s all.

    I’m not crying today, but I still feel weird and down and slow motion-like. But better than yesterday!

  3. Seriously – maybe there is something to what they say about your body releasing estrogen when it is burning fat? I haven’t experienced any major freakouts, but I’m not losing much weight… nor am I losing it fast… did you have a spike in weight loss?

  4. I WISH! No, no spike in weight loss. I’m still slow as molasses. I’m 11 weeks out tomorrow, down 40 pounds since surgery.

  5. you think forty at eleven weeks is slow? hrmmm…really?

    I’m only at like, fiftyish (depends on the day). When exactly was your surgery date??

  6. January 22. Hard to believe it has already been 11 weeks since then!

    I don’t think 40 pounds is bad, it’s just that at 3 months the projections were 35% excess weight gone, which would have me at 242 pounds. Instead, I’m currently at 257. So even though I know I’m doing fine, I feel 15 pounds behind!

  7. *sigh*

    I’m sooooo scared I’m gonna just stay at fifty lost. man, why the fear. DEVIL FEAR, DAMN YOU!

  8. you know meggs, 40 lbs in 11 weeks is a substantial loss. i think the hormone thing is valid. i know early on when i was losing, i had some days when i was just outa control emotionally…for no real reason. or at least for reasons i would normally have been able to keep control over myself. i remember just going off on my boss one day at work, then sitting at my desk and crying. me, crying at work! this NEVER happens. so anyway, i think you’re gonna have those days, but it’ll get better. you’re doing great!


  9. I’m going with the hormone thang. You know, all those nasty gremlins are stored up in our fat cells as are toxins.

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