Pregnancy Test

Kim asked if it’s possible I’m pregnant what with the mood swings and generally crappy feeling lately. The question sufficiently scared me into finding that leftover pregnancy test from a few months back to eliminate the possibility ASAP.

Thoughts: Baby?? Yay!! Wait… PhD. Money. Weight. Baby?? NOT YET!!

I whipped that little e.p.t. test out like nobody’s business. Did my thang. Waited.



Two lines. What does two lines mean? I don’t have the box! GOOGLE.

Two lines that do NOT create a + sign equals NOT PREGNANT. Thank you, nuvaring!

So yeah, I have no excuse for my crazy behavior. I’m just a little insane is all.


5 Responses

  1. Well, that does happen to the best of us…that insane thing.

  2. I read this as Pregnant. That’s cause, Insane!

  3. Relief!! LOL

    I have those crazy moments all.the.time. hehe

  4. Well, at least you know… I’ve been asked that several times, and being that I’ve never really been fertile before – I wouldn’t know!! 🙂

  5. Whoa…I googled and two lines means preggo…are you sure?!??!

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