What a Weekend!

I had such a fun weekend, being NOT pregnant and all.

It really started on Friday, when I skipped the regular workday to take a CPR/AED class at the local Red Cross with my coworkers. Afterward, we all grabbed lunch at Olive Garden and then went home. SCORE! No students all day! I did, however, learn something new: CPR is a great workout for the ass. I swear, my butt hasn’t been as sore after ANY day at the gym as it was after CPR class. Chest compressions work your booty!

Then Saturday was canoeing along the Wekiva River with my dad. This place is literally 5 minutes from where I grew up. I have no idea why we didn’t spend more time out there when I was a kid! But canoeing was awesome. I looked forward to a vigorous upper body workout, but it wasn’t as difficult as I remember. My shoulders were a little sore the next day, but it wasn’t real strenuous exercise, although we were out there a good two and a half hours. The weather was perfect and we saw hundreds of catfish, a few bass, probably 8 turtles, a little baby alligator, and a HUGE freakin’ adult alligator. Fun!! The rest of Saturday was filled with extended family and my hubby. Lots of fun.

Sunday was even better. Lee was off of work, so we decided to use our Fun Pass (one of those pay for a day, come back all year deals) at Busch Gardens in Tampa. And I SO WISH I had taken pictures! Next time, I promise. The weather was a bit dreary–60 and drizzly, but heck–that beats the summer heat and humidity. We went through several of the animal attractions and then rode a few rides. I got Lee to get on the Kumba roller coaster and it was AWESOME. It’s my favorite coaster in all of Florida. Crazy, I tell ya. Lee started to feel a little sick so we left soon after, which means we were only there for about three and half hours, but we’re planning to go back a week from Thursday on his next day off. We headed home, rode our motorcycles for a little while, and then settled in for dinner and a movie at home.

And so here I sit, after an awesome, active weekend of CPR-butt-busting, canoeing, and theme-park-walking. That’s my new goal for weekends: workouts that happen outside the gym, enjoying the great outdoors, and our awesome weather before it gets too hot to breathe.


3 Responses

  1. Sounds wonderful, Megs! I remember when I used to love rollar coasters and I think the fatter I got, the more I grew to fear them! But that all will start to change tomorrow!

    Thank you for everything you’ve given me so far in this journey!

  2. How fun! I wish I lived somewhere with all that fun stuff at such close proximity!

  3. I am SO jealous of your outdoor adventures…it’s just now getting past crisp, to enjoyable.
    And freakin’ alligators? Dude…no thank you.

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