Give it to me straight, Doc.

My weekly counseling sessions are always a breath of fresh air. Truthfully, I don’t ever go in feeling like I have anything important to discuss. But as I recap major events of my week, my psychologist always finds some way to delve deeper and dissect some issue I’m struggling with. I guess you could say she’s good at her job!

We’ve dealt with family dynamics and how that relates to weight, problems at work, big decisions to be made, and most of all, new habits to be formed. I’d say that 99% of our work is behavioral modification. Dealing with emotions, finding new ways to cope, you know–all the things I should have done instead of eating my way up to 364 pounds.

One recent topic of conversation is fun. I explained that I’m tired of the work, home, school routine I’ve been living basically since high school, and that I want to get out and enjoy life more. And you know about my weekend… I’m doing it!

But another looming topic in our sessions is the PhD. My psychologist obviously has one, and we’ve been talking about how my life will change when the PhD pursuit begins in August.

And honestly?

I’m not willing to do nothing but sit on my ass and read/write for days on end any more. I’m not willing to sacrifice dinners with friends or weekends at the beach. I’m absolutely not willing to sacrifice my self-care that includes meal planning, exercising, down time, or even therapy. I don’t want to live this next 4 years killing myself to get it over with. I’m 26 years old. I’m not a kid. I’m married, I have a life, and a household. I want to enjoy my life while I earn a Phd, not sacrifice my life for it.

And those are my boundaries.

The promotion at work? Not taking it. I need a job that’s easy for me while I’m working on the PhD.

The volunteering? Won’t be guilted into it. I’m available through August. No more.

The 5 day workweek? Sayanara. As of August 20-something, I’m a 4-day workweek girl, no exceptions.

And that’s how it’s going to be. Because even for a type A personality like myself, life must include balance and love and fun!


5 Responses

  1. I’m giving you a standing ovation… I think it’s absolutely wonderful that you’re setting boundaries now, and not waiting until something pushed you over the edge. I have that problem all the time – where I let things keep piling on until I finally snap and everything has to stop for a while.

    I’m behind you sister… stick to your guns!

  2. Good for you! A blanced life will make the rewards that much sweeter!

  3. meg…

    way to go girlie bug!

    life is so short, and you MUST enjoy it’s daily beauty!!!

  4. Not rediculous Meg…Human. 🙂

  5. I think that is awesome, Meg! I think that putting our needs first is something that we don’t do often enough! I’m just now starting to learn.

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