Food Junkie

I was reading over at Elastic Waist today, and learned of Allen Zadoff’s new weight loss memoir, Hungry. You all know I love books. (And by the way, I plan on buying this one too. From blogger to book writer, yo!).

Anyhow, Allen’s blog gets into the difference between a normal eater and a Food Junkie. I can assure that as I got up to 364 pounds, I was a food junkie. Eating as anesthesia, he’d say.

Anyhow, this one nugget of truth is worth shouting from the rooftops. It may be my new mantra. Allen says, “If I have a problem and I eat over it, then I have two problems.”

YES! Exactly! So simple and SO VERY TRUE. That ought to be enough right there to stop me from ever stress eating again.

Edited to add: I want to buy Half-Assed, another weight loss memoir by a blogger turned author too!


5 Responses

  1. You know who I think would write a really funny book? Melting Mama!!

  2. You are so right, Kim!! And Lord knows she’s been through everything WLS can dish out!

  3. Meghan

    so today, I’m feeling uber stressed, uber upset, uber overwhelmed over problems I’m having or what not, and I get that INSANE urge to go to taco bell and eat a friggin taco. All afternoon long all I want to do is stuff my face.

    Thank God in heaven that I had presence of mind to speak to the real issue…

    here is my inner dialogue:

    “lacy, you aren’t hungry. you are empty. you want to be filled, but food isn’t gonna fill you. it’s only gonna fatten you. So, find something that will fill you instead. Pray, why don’t ya, geesh.”

    Can I honestly say that is the first healthy conversation I’ve had with myself about real desire ever?? I’ve never realized what it was until just recently…I need to be filled, and I was doing it with calories.

    I love that quote…damn right. I want to LIMIT my problems, not add to them.

    PS. are you finding it increasingly easy to snack? GAHHH!

  4. YES! Snacking has become a serious issue. I know everybody else incorporates snacks into their eating, but I just can’t or I’ll eat too much. I’ve been munching on pretzels, baked Lay’s, popcorn… all empty carby stuff that only make me want MORE. At least I can recognize it so I can cut it out. But it’s not easy!

  5. I love that quote and it makes so much sense. I’ll have to check out these books and I have thought several times about writing one of my own WLS experience, but doubt I’ll ever have the guts to do it!

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