3 months out!

I’m 3 months out today. I had a great visit with the nurse practitioner at my surgeon’s office: labs are all perfect, weight loss is on track, no complications to speak of. Yippee!

I’m still a bit concerned about my B12 level. At 1 month out, it was off the charts as 1200-something. At three months out it’s down to 700-something, which is still good. But there has been a drop by almost 500 points in 2 months’ time with no difference in supplementation. I may step up the B12 just in case.

I’m down 46.4 pounds since surgery and 113.4 pounds since my highest weight (one year ago!). I’ve lost almost exactly 30% of my excess weight since surgery (right on track for 3 months!), I’m working out 5 days per week at the gym, and I feel more “fit” than I have in years.

Most of all? I’m on track for reaching my goal weight by Christmas. All it takes is 3 pounds per week. Woohoo!

To do:

  • Get this freaking sleep apnea under control so I can stop feeling so tired. Now I KNOW it’s not a vitamin issue.
  • DROP THE CRACKERS, POPCORN, AND BAKED LAYS. There’s nothing in them that I need!
  • Step it up at the gym. Now that I have more endurance, it takes a real effort to get my heart rate up.
  • Start back with the reward system… I deserve it!

3 Responses

  1. You go girl!! I’m due for my 6 month check up here in a few weeks – and I’m worried that things aren’t on target… but we’ll see.

  2. from now on, I dub you DIVALISCIOUS. 😉

    Way to go, ladybug! You have joined the century club…right? Get yo’ badself a reward for that! And wow, 46.4 in just three months! Meghan, I am elated for you!

    I can’t believe how much you are working out. I am a slacker of insane proportions.

    i hope your levels come up like you want…I have my three month on Monday of next week (my birthday!) and I hope it all goes well.

    I am desperately trying to figure out how to start losing again…I think the daily cup of joe isn’t helping…not to mention the fact that I keep forgetting to eat, then I do the same thing and munch on sliders.

    Damn you baked lays. damn you to hell.

  3. You are amazing! You’re focused and on track and awesome! Yes, get back to your rewards! It floors me that you lost so much pre-op as I so did not have that discipline.

    You go girl!

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