Ummm… what?

I just had a moment to look at a printout I was given at my 3-month checkup this morning. It’s a weight chart with my goals and percentages and all that jazz, showing all of my weigh-ins at their office.

Do you know what their goal is for me?


One hundred and thirty one point two pounds. Do you know when I last weighed that much? When I was fifteen, playing sports, anorexic, and a SIZE ZERO. Seriously. On me, 130 pounds is a size zero.

I don’t know why this goal cracks me up so much. I mean, my personal goal has always been 140. But 131.2? That just seems crazy for an adult!

But who knows. Maybe it wouldn’t sound so crazy if it weren’t so far away.


4 Responses

  1. You know – my goal is 140, but I think it all just depends. Seriously, if I were 150 and looked and felt great… I’d be thrilled with it.

    My doctor gives me nothing like that – so at least you know they’re really tracking it. I sometimes don’t get that feeling with my surgeon.

    My PCP tracks it and will talk about it with me, but the surgeon – I swear – I wait for 1 hour minimum, and am in the office for 5 minutes – he looks at my scars, and that’s it. It’s really anticlimatic!!

    Really though – I think that you’re the only one that can choose where you want your body to be… so keep an open mind, and shoot for the 140 – and see how you feel when you get there.

  2. Wow. I was never really given a goal, I was just sort of told that it was likely that RNY patients get to a certain point and rebound.

    130 is my “personal” goal. I’d probably be a size 4/6.

    I’ve been looking at it for four years now. STARING BLANKLY AT IT. I know it really doesn’t matter, I will still feel fat at 130 because of the excess skin, BUT… I look much better IN my clothes 15-30 lbs lighter than I am now.

  3. I think your body will let you know where it wants to be when the time comes, tho I would not be able to imagine that number for myself either. I’d be really happy at 150.

  4. you guys crack me up, cause I’ll be dancing the aisles when I hit 200. For reals.

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