Suits Galore

Despite the fact that I’ve set clear boundaries for work/life balance once I start the PhD this fall, and despite the fact that my current employer is willing to accommodate my needs, and despite the fact that I know added stress is just a problem waiting to happen… I have a job interview on Monday.

I don’t expect to be offered the position. I’m really over-qualified, and chances are they’re interviewing others as a formality and have someone internally lined up to take the position. And even if they did offer me the position, they’d have to go outside their advertised range to meet my salary requirements. And even if they did meet my salary requirements, I’d need a commitment from them that they would allow me the autonomy to work a schedule that meets my needs during the PhD pursuit.

So it’s really, really a long shot that this will work out. I’ve got everything I need at my current job. It would take a lot to get me to move.

That said, interviewing is always a good idea. You never know what’s out there until you check it out. Only problem? I have NO SUITS that fit at the moment. I called my mom, and she sent over a billion suits, all in sizes that I’ve already explained are too big for me. Not sure why she sent the 24’s when I’m currently wearing a 20, but whatever, that’s another issue for another day.

I’ll make a shopping trip this afternoon to see if I can find something that fits and is affordable, although I really hate to buy something for a job interview I’m sure won’t amount to anything in a size that will fit for about 3 weeks.

So… if I can’t find something today, what’s worse? Wearing an interview-appropriate suit that’s a size too big and looking rather loose? Wearing more typical office wear that’s NOT a suit but fits properly? Showing up with a pillow stuffed in the waist of my favorite suit so that the pants don’t literally drop to the floor?

Good grief.


2 Responses

  1. You know – I don’t think I’ve ever interviewed in a suit. I heard somewhere along the way that it’s a good idea to dress for the job – not the interview. I’m sure it all depends on the person conducting the interview’s preferences though… so who knows what the answer is these days? I do know it’s getting more and more relaxed.

    That being said – I think either option would be fine… just whatever makes YOU more confident a comfortable.

  2. I would not go with option #3 😉 as the whole pillow thing would just make them think you were nuts or something! I wouldn’t want to spend the money on a new suit that you will probably wear once, so I think I’d go with whatever looks best out of your closet!

    Either way, best of luck on the interview!

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