I’m Famous!

I won a radio contest this morning, y’all! Our local Christian station, Z88.3, has a mother’s day contest going on. I called in today, got to tell ALL about my mom and how awesome she is, won a CD, and we’re entered in a drawing to win a trip to NYC. I’ve always wanted to go there! I hope we win.

More importantly, they’re mailing me a CD recording of me talking about my mom on air. I’m so excited to give it to her for Mother’s Day!!

When I came in to work, our Secretary said, “I just heard you on the radio! You made me cry!” I made myself cry too. I just love my momma. There’s so much more I could have said! When I get the CD I’ll try to load it here for you guys (be forewarned: I have the voice of an eight year old girl). Yay!!


3 Responses

  1. That’s so cool!! I’m so excited for you – NYC is great! I can’t wait to go back – my Mom said when I lose 100 pounds we’ll go. šŸ™‚ Major Reward!!

    It’s funny that you mention that about your voice – I can’t stand hearing mine… even on our answering machine!! YUCK!

  2. Awww! What an awesome tribute and it will make a great gift for your mom!

    I hate my voice too…ugh! I keep hoping it will change with weight loss, but I know that is nothing more than a fantasy! HA!

  3. ACK! Major reward! That rules!

    this will make your mom’s mother’s day amazing.

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