Is SLEEP too much to ask for??

As you know, I’ve not been getting any kind of quality sleep lately. Sleep apnea – rapid weigh loss = pressure setting frightmare.

My pulmonologist wanted me to come back in every 6 weeks for pressure setting adjustments until I reach goal (which actually means a pulse oxymeter overnight, an appointment, an APAP overnight, and then another appointment… all every 6 weeks).

So my latest 6 week interval is finally here. I did the overnight pulse oxymeter last week. I fully expected to leave with an APAP today so we could figure out what my new setting would be. Instead?

Instead, I have a FULL FREAKING SLEEP STUDY scheduled for next week. Which, first of all, seems totally unnecessary. What are the chances that I’m totally cured at 246 pounds? Not high. And secondly, provides NO INTERIM RELIEF from the sleeplessness.

In fact, my doctor was shocked that I’m even using my CPAP right now since the pressure is so obviously wrong. Seriously? So you’d rather me sleep with nothing? He MUST think I’m cured.

I don’t know why I’m so upset. I know sleep studies are the Holy Grail of sleep apnea treatment. I know that I’ll either (1) get confirmation that I’m cured, or (2) get a better pressure setting. But either way?


Now it’s wait a week for the sleep study, wait another week for the follow-up appointment. I’m just going to sleep without my machine for the next few days and see how I feel. If I don’t have symptoms, guess what? I’m canceling that sleep study and forgetting the whole damn thing. That’s how most post-op folks handle it anyways: surgery and bye bye cpap. Forget trying to be the model patient!

And since I sound like such an ungrateful whiner, I just have to add: I’m thankful for this problem. It’s all related to COMING OFF OF CPAP. It’s not an overnight transition, but I’m thankful I’m IN the transition. I’m grateful for my weight loss and for my health insurance. And that I have a nice home and a comfy bed to sleep in (even when sleeping itself is problematic). So until this gets resolved, I’m just going to sleepwalk myself to the gym to sleepwalk some more on the treadmill and sleepburn some more calories and sleeplose some more weight.


5 Responses

  1. What a pain in the ass! One would think they could at least lower the setting for you somewhat in the interim so you could sleep! So this is what I have to look forward to? Lovely!

    What about some Tylenol PM? It’s my personal wonder drug when it comes to sleep!

  2. euch. that is one sweet and lovely thing about this experience…i’ve not gone through a drought of sleep.

    I always thought it would be uncomfy to have to sleep with a mask on…is it?

  3. Lacy, in all honesty, I have gotten so used to sleeping with my CPAP I think I am going to have problems sleeping without it! The first week with it was rough, but ever since then, the white noise it makes blocks out all other sounds at night and is very soothing. Now, I’ve also been on a CPAP for about three years now; not sure how long Meg has been dealing with hers!

  4. Wow… my doc put me on an adjustable cpap when I used it…it would adjust itself throughout the night to the correct pressure that was needed based on the resistance. Maybe they could just change the machine?

    I don’t know – the only thing I do know is that the two studies I did in the beginning of that mess were enough to make me realize that I have to draw the line at model patient when it interferes with my sleep.

  5. Were you able to get any sleep last night Meg?

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