Monday Randomness

I’m crazy busy today. Please forgive the lack of paragraphs.

  • Sunday, I’m hanging with my parents while Lee’s at work and dad runs in from grilling in the backyard. He says, worrying me, “Meghan, call the police!” I, fully alert and ready to dash to the phone, ask, “why?!” He replies, “Because somebody stole your ass!” Very funny.
  • I have a second interview for a new job on Wednesday. I am really, really torn about what to do if I’m offered the position. I know I shouldn’t be worrying yet, but I can’t help it. It will be mega-prayer-time if they do offer the position.
  • My weekend was CRAP weight loss wise. No gym. Popcorn out the wazoo. Not eating until 2pm and then munching until bedtime. Problem is? No change in weight loss pattern. I did NOT NEED TO KNOW I COULD GET AWAY WITH THAT. So it’s back-to-basics Monday.
  • Teaching tonight. Gah.
  • Canceled sleep study for Wednesday. The receptionist tried to convince me I’ll die in my sleep until I finally said “Seriously! I just want to cancel!” and hung up. She was crazy persistent.
  • I made this eggface recipe Sunday. It was oh-my-gawd-delish. Lee ate ALL the leftovers before I had a chance!
  • Did I mention that I don’t know what to do about work? Did I mention that I know I don’t need to be thinking about this since nobody has offered me the job yet? Did I mention that I STILL can’t stop thinking about it?

And that is all.


5 Responses

  1. ROFLMAO @ your ASS.

    That’s just hilarious.

  2. Did I mention we are leaving this Saturday for Orlando and will be there till next Saturday??? When can you pencil me in?

    Love the ass line!! Good for you!

  3. I still have an ass…but I am looking forward to having it stolen!

  4. Oh my goodness… your Dad is hilarious! I would fall out of my chair if my Dad ever said anything like that.

    Don’t worry about the job thing just yet, it will all work out… (wow… who knew I could be so enlightened about a work issue… and right now?!)

    Let me give you a little reality check on the weekend and weight loss… BELIEVE ME – you’d plateau very quickly if you don’t get back to basics.

  5. dude…I hear you. I think I lost the biggest amount of weight ever during a week when I was grazing and eating crap like pretzels and soy chips instead of nutrient dense protein and veggies. Seriously, like ten pounds in a week, which is just about insane.

    And my same thought was, “I do not need to know this…”


    Way to go on having that ass swiped….behind your back too. how unchivalrous. 😉

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