Y’all, I have a confession. I’m a seafood hater. I hate the way it smells, and I thoroughly hate its fishy taste. Growing up in Florida, we have seafood restaurants galore, and not the Red Lobster kind: the locally owned and operated, award-winning kind. Thankfully, they all serve some form of chicken breast.

But I’m a grown up now, and there’s a whole world of protein out there that I need to embrace. Plus there’s the omega 3’s and all that jazz. So at our monthly Burke Family Dinner last night, I ordered mesquite grilled shrimp.

I’ve never eaten shrimp before.

The verdict? I am now a full-on die-hard shrimp lover. Did you know that like 5 shrimp is only 100 calories? And they were so, so tasty and NOT FISHY!

Behold the power of shrimp.


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  1. That’s so funny – I like shrimp depending on how it’s made, but also depending on the size of the shrimp. I like the smaller ones – beacause the larger ones taste fishy to me.

    I’m learning to embrace crab and things like that… but it’s all an aquired taste.

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