Show me the money!

I met with my current boss. To make a long story short, I explained that I had an offer at another institution, but that I’m undecided at the moment. I asked for clarification on a few things: (1) that he’s in agreement about a 4-day workweek for me come fall; (2) restructuring after my current boss leaves–will I have an assistant or not? and then… (3) I explained that the offer is already for more money than I’m currently making, and that they’re going to their college President for permission to offer even more, and that they’ll make their final offer Tuesday.

Craig thanked me for not accepting the competition’s first offer, said he’d like to “go to the mat” to see if he can get more money for me, and then he prayed for me about making the decision. He wants to raise my salary so that money’s not a factor in making the decision. Thing is, he can’t make that decision single-handedly, so he’s got to take it to the Provost and HR folks. I just wait.

Overall, I think that went about as well as it could have! I’m just waiting to see if they can deliver.


5 Responses

  1. How impressive… your boss sounds like a really good guy, and hopefully he can make something happen for you.

    I think it’s really neat that he prayed for you… that’s much more than I’ve ever experienced at work! I hope that I’ll someday be able to work for/with someone that can show the same sort of compassion and faith in the office.

  2. @ Kim,

    My boss IS a really nice guy. And the prayer? We pray at work ALL the time. I LOOOOVE working at a Christian University. It’s another reason I’m not too keen on leaving! 🙂


  3. It sounds to me like you work in a great place! I hope they can deliver for you! Is the other job in a Christian atmosphere as well?

  4. @ Kim,

    No, the new job’s would be at a public community college. I definitely love working at a private christian university, so that’s just one more reason to stay!


  5. Wow Meghan. They obviously see the value in a competent and diligent employee. I pray it all goes according to God’s will!

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