Staying Put

It’s official. The boss-man delivered, and I’m staying at my current job. They raised my salary, agreed to the 4-day workweek, promised me an assistant, and… voila! No change needed.

I suppose there is a reason God’s had me here in this place for so long. At first, I thought I’d stay until I finished my master’s. And then until we finished building the house. And then until after my surgery. And now until coursework for the PhD is done.

This place has been good to me. And it feels awesome to know they were willing to fight to keep me here.


4 Responses

  1. I’m so glad that things worked out that way for you! (I was secretly hoping it would go this way). There is something to be said for loyality ( and it is so rare nowadays for a company to show any amount of it!) and with corporate America never showing any, this is a welcome change!

  2. wow! you must be quite the asset, dearie! đŸ˜‰

  3. YEAH!! See and God helped you have the other opportunity to fall back on if it hadn’t worked out. I’m so happy for you though – finally a boss that realizes what a gift you are to them!

  4. Excited for you for a couple of reasons. I know first hand how exciting it is to KNOW you are where God wants you to be. I also think it is fantastic that you have dipped below the 100 mark. Shine on you crazy diamond, shine on!

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