4 Months

Total lost: 127.2

Since surgery: 61.2

Lost this month: 13.8

Left to lose: 96.8

I’ve been feeling off track, like I’m losing weight slowly. I’ve been eating carbs and feeling sick and just not right. I’ve been off my routine. I made it to the gym 3 times last week and 3 times this week, slacking off of my 5-day workout routine. It’s just been a funk.

I’ve still been weighing every day, and it seems like the weight isn’t moving. I’ve avoided logging it on my profile at OH or in fitday, trying to wait until I had a loss to show.

Today, I plugged in the number: 236.8.

Guess what? I’m still on track. Still 3.07 pounds per week to weigh 140 by Christmas.

Despite The Funk, despite the slipping, I’m still on track.

I’m still on track!


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  1. Good Job!! It’s hard, but you’re doing it!

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