Road Trip!

On Tuesday, Lee & I hopped in the car and jetted up to Jacksonville to visit my seeeeester. How I miss her!! Thankfully, she’s just a couple of hours away.

We met Rachel at the coffee shop where she works, just a quarter mile from her apartment. Walking distance, really, except that she has to be at work at the butt crack of dawn, before the sun comes up. Anyhow, I’ve been to my sister’s apartment twice before, but I’ve not seen where she works.

I walked in. I almost cried.

You guys, it’s so cute. It’s so homey-feeling. It’s so quaint and lovely and wonderful. I almost had a full-on crying episode right there in between a fluffy couch and a big cozy chair and an antique bench. I am so grateful that God watches over my sister. That she has this beautiful place to work. That she ended up where she is. Thank you, God for being there with her.

Yeah, all that from the decor of a coffee shop.

Unfortunately, Rach couldn’t get off work as scheduled. Someone called in, and the boss would fill in but had to run an errand first. So she whipped me up a “Skinny” Toasted Marshmellow Latte (TO DIE FOR), and Lee & I settled into a cafe table outside. In the warm breeze. My God, that hour was probably the best this entire week. Sitting with my husband, at a lovely cafe… we should do that more often!

So once Rachel got off work, we headed to lunch at the Mellow Mushroom (or something like that). Then I remembered I had my camera!

So I got one of Rach & Lee:

And then Rach & Greg (who you may remember from their wedding pics):

And Lee & me (hello, crooked teeth!):

And my favorite. Me and my seeeeester:

Awww. We went back to Rach & Greg’s apartment, planned a ski trip for January (seriously, I want to go!!), watched Greg work his new super-powerful Espresso machine, and generally just hung out for a while. We left by late afternoon.



2 Responses

  1. Holy crap, you’re killing me! No blog posts for forever and than BAM! But way better than no blog posts at all!

    No mistaking the two of you as being sisters! And your teeth are so not crooked! And while we’re at it, I want a toasted marshmallow coffee too! That sounds wonderful!

  2. The coffee sounds fabulous!! Bring me one too!!

    I think you are looking amazing!! Great job – you’re glowing, and look so happy. I’m glad that you go to spend some time with your seeeeester – hope that you do it again soon.

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