Bye, bye LB!

I met my mom, aunt, and a family friend for lunch and shopping yesterday. We started at The Avenue. Let me first say: I’ve always hated that store. In my many, many travels there, I’ve purchased several pairs of jeans and a bathing suit. Nothing else has ever appealed to me, even when Lane Bryant’s size 28’s were too snug and The Avenue’s 30’s were about all I could manage. Even then, I hated their clothes. (At that time, I lived in Old Navy’s 4x’s from online).

So anyway: yesterday. Mom bought an awesomely cute bathing suit, a few pairs of shoes, and 3 shirts. That’s what I call a successful shopping venture. The aunt and friend weren’t much in the mood for shopping after all, and didn’t try anything on.

Then lunch.

Then… Old Navy. By then, it was just me and my mom. I was looking for some black pants for work. The pair I have now is a size 22 from Lane Bryant and they’re just too big. As much as I hate wasting money on clothes I won’t wear long, I figure I’m going to need a few things in every size along the way: jeans, black pants, a few shirts. The bare basics.

I knew Old Navy goes up to size 20 in their regular department. Wearing my size 20 women’s plus jeans that were pretty loose, I figured a regular non-plus women’s 20 might fit. Maybe.

You guys? The 20’s were too big.

I bought black pants in a size 18. 18 regular women’s, not 18 in the plus-size section. I bought 3 shirts: the XXL’s were too big. I bought XL’s in a regular women’s department. I bought some workout pants: size XL. XL in a regular women’s department.

No, most regular women’s stores don’t sell 18’s. No, I’m not under the illusion this is a small size. And no, I’m no longer trapped in the LaneBryant/TheAvenue duo from hades.

I can hop into a regular store! I can spend $14.50 on a shirt and it’s not even 2 seasons old! I can choose between an entire WALL of jeans styles! For like twenty-something bucks a pair! Even better? If something in my size fits weird or runs small? I CAN GET A BIGGER ONE. In a regular women’s department.

Can I get a “heck yeah?”



3 Responses


    Meghan, does it not simply thrill the soul?! wahoo!

    I love old navy too. we went consignment shopping yesterday, and I bought a size 20 skirt from talbots…omg, SO cute.

    we rule.

  2. So fun!! I’m so proud of you!

  3. HECK YEAH AND WOOT!! Good for you! I cannot wait to shop Old Navy and OMG, American Eagle!

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