Traumatized Girly Bits

My gym was closed this past Saturday, Sunday and Monday for maintenance. Three days without working out.

So come Tuesday, you bet I was looking forward to getting back in the saddle. Except? The floors weren’t quite done, and the front desk person said, “Good morning, Meghan! The only thing open right now is the group cycling class” and that I could come back in a couple of hours.

Except I couldn’t. I had to go to work. So I said, “I’ve been wanting to give that class a try anyway, so I’ll just do it!” Thinking I would have an excellent experience. That this gym-closed business was somehow fortuitous in getting me to try something I’d absolutely love.

Um, no. I walked into the cycling class. About 7 women. 1 male instructor. Twenty or so stationary bikes. One kind soul explained how to adjust the seat, how to get situated, etc.

Once I got up on that bike, my girly bits started hurting immediately. The seat? Very narrow. Like a couple of inches, maybe. I thought the discomfort would pass as soon as I was properly numbed to the pain. I went through the warm up. The first two tracks of music.

I looked around, wondering how all these women looked so comfortable on their bikes. They were pedaling faster and faster, and there I was, just trying to shift my weight to ease the pain. I couldn’t take any more. After two songs, I quit.

I went to the elliptical machine, which by then was in service, and did my thang.

After class, the lady who had helped me get started came up to me. I explained that it hurt to sit on the bikes, and I didn’t know how everyone else could do it. She said to come back, and try to last a few minutes longer each time. That eventually I’d build up a tolerance for it.

Um,  no thanks! I don’t want a hard-as-nails crotch area, thankyouverymuch!

I’m still in pain from my ten minutes on the bike. Today I was on the weight machines and almost cried when I sat on one of the narrow benches. It’s as if the bones of my ass(ish) area are bruised. Freakin’ Ow!!

I don’t know what my deal is. Loss of padding? Too heavy for the narrow seat? Either way, cycling class is out. Not gonna happen.


8 Responses

  1. I have problems with that now too – our church is meeting at the YMCA and we have plastic chairs… and I always find myself moving around in my chair because it’s like my bones are getting more and more painful as they loose their padding! I wonder if that ever levels out – or does it just get worse as we get closer to our goals?

  2. It’s not just the girls who can’t stand those spinning bikes. Some of us boys have had certain ‘parts’ go numb during a class.

    Not a good feeling

  3. mwhahahahah….


  4. lacy is evil

  5. It gets worse.

    Buy a pillow?

  6. evil? me?

    no…just highly amused….cause, i can *so* relate.

    but evil?


  7. Now my big goal is to ride an actual outdoor bike again. Am I going to encounter the same problem? Not so much a fan of bruised girly bits!

  8. […] the tragedy of my girly bits LAST time I was on a bike at the gym? I swore them off […]

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