Foodlogging: 7 day commitment

I’m going to try logging my foods for 7 days. I’ve always hated doing this, but heck–maybe I’ll actually learn something.

Thursday, June 5th:

Workout: 30 minutes of interval on the cross-trainer (270ish calories burned)

Breakfast: Pure Protein shake (170 cals, 35 protein)

Snack: 1/4 cup of Shelly’s chili cheese soup leftover from last night (way too complicated to compute the nutritional data. I ate so little, I’m guessing like 75 calories, no protein)

Lunch: 1/4 cup fresh blueberries, light & fit yogurt, pecans (196 cals, 5 protein)

Snack: Pure Protein Bar (200 calories, 20 protein)

Dinner: Maybe 30% of an order of Nachos with Chicken at a local Mexican restaurant (again, I have no idea how to calculate this… it included tortilla chips, goat cheese, chicken, and salsa, so whatever… I’m guessing 300 calories)

Water: 68 oz.

Totals: If my guesses are at all accurate, I’m somewhere around 950 calories, and 70+ grams of protein

Ruminations: Vegetables won’t kill me. I should try eating some.


6 Responses

  1. You so remind me of how badly I am doing on my protein! I have got to concentrate on getting this stuff in! I honestly think I am one of those people who hates all protein drinks as none of them taste good. As I just commented to Lacy, it is such a balancing act but you are a super hero in the weight loss community!

  2. dear god, meg…you hardly eat anything! I feel like a heffer now! you only had a yogurt and some blueberries and pecans for lunch? sheesh. do I need to cut back or what?!

    you do light lunches, don’t you?

  3. Lacey,

    This is so hilarious. I thought the SAME THING when I read YOUR food log!

    Seriously, it was a big bowl of blueberries/yogurt/nuts. I did eat a protein bar about 2 hours later though.

    It’s just so funny. We all think we’re eating too much and everybody else is eating less!


  4. hahahah…I’m cracking up here.

    we are all second guessing ourselves. I don’t think I know how to post correct amounts….okay, I’m setting up a new blog for food journaling. like i did before. I’ll let you know when it’s up. cause, for reals…i seriously need to be more on my game. also, I LOVE seeing what ya’ll are eating…is that odd? I mean, like, I really get excited when i see food journals!

  5. Not weird… I love it too! It reminds that there’s a lot of different things we can still eat, and makes me want to add more variety.

    I seriously can’t do this for more than a week though. Props to you for starting a new blog for it!

  6. Love that you’re doing this. Thank you.

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