Foodlogging: Day 3

Saturday, June 7th:

Workout: none, taking the day off

Breakfast: Apple w/ 2 tbsp peanut butter (271 cals, 8g protein)

Snack: Large Diet Lemonade from Chick-fil-a (40 cals)

Lunch: Inside of a 6″ turkey sub: white american cheese, turkey, mayo, black olives, pickles (guessing 300 calories, 20ish g protein)

Snack: Pretzels (about 100 cals)

Dinner: Half order of Applebee’s Garlic Chicken on the weight watchers menu — 3 oz chicken, broccoli, a couple bites of potato (200 calories, 20g protein)

Totals: 900-something calories, about 48g of protein

Thoughts: at least I got both a vegetable and a fruit in today. Could have done without the pretzels or the mayo at lunch. Protein? Not awesome, but it balances with yesterday’s 90-something grams. Tomorrow will be better!


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