Foodlogging: Day 4

Sunday, June 8th: Today was kind of crazy… I was at the beach from about 10am to sundown, so my meals were kind of spaced weirdly. It was more like I snacked constantly all day.

Workout: 30 minutes of interval on the cross-trainer (315 calories burned)

Breakfast: Leftovers from last night: Garlic Chicken from Applebee’s (150 cals, 15g protein)

Nibbled on the beach: Pure Protein bar; millions of pretzels; 1 oz. swiss cheese with 1 slice deli turkey; 1 ginormous strawberry; about a half cup of watermelon. Per Fitday, that all comes out to about 573 calories, 40g protein

Dinner: 3oz blackened chicken breast with 1oz provolone cheese and grilled onions… about 240 calories, 33g protein

Totals: 963 calories, 88 g protein

And it’s only 9:25 pm. There could still be a snack on the horizon….


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  1. I can’t believe it – you even manage to get in your protein when you’ve spent the day at the beach!!

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