BMI Craziness

We’re all intimately acquainted with Ye Olde Body Mass Index. Mine has gone from 62.47 (super morbidly obese) at my heaviest to 39.48 (regular, plain “obese”).

I’m shooting for a goal weight of 140 simply because that’s the most I can weigh and still be classified as “normal” in terms of BMI.

But with all this BMI talk, it’s hard to know the truth… at what weight we’ll really be our strongest, healthiest, and most vivacious. Is 140 really my magic number? I have no idea.

In the meantime, it was refreshing to check out this Illustrated BMIs Flickr set to see women at all BMI’s living life to its fullest.


5 Responses

  1. 140! wow! that is what my office rendered as my goal weight. How tall are you, miss meggs? Because I’m 5’9, and I think I might look kind of sickly at that weight. I laughed out loud when they told me my “goal weight” should be 140.

    I personally at this point have set 175 as my target goal. It’s on the high end, but I’ve always liked a little junk in the trunk if you get my drift.

    the numbers game is an interesting one. we all carry weight so differently too. it’s interesting to me!

    I’m checking out that flickr link. 🙂

  2. Holy cow, I’d LOOOOVE to be that tall! I’m a measly little 5’4″. 🙂

    The surgeon’s office never did give me a weight, but 140 would give me a 24.9 BMI, still normal (barely).

    Yes, 140 on 5’9″ would be like totally skinny!! 175 sounds lovely!

  3. My goal is the same – 140 and I’m 5’6″… interesting~

  4. What the hell?!

    I’ve decided my surgeon’s goals are wonky then.

    At my height…140 would be crazy go nuts. Maybe it’s a magic number. If I chant it, will I drop twenty pounds tonight?

  5. I decided prior to surgery that I’m really not about a number (and those flickr photos just reinforce that for me). I want to be comfortable in my own skin, be able to do things without getting winded and be able to shop in regular clothing stores. I’m not wanting to drive myself insane over a number; life is too short.

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