Are you ready for this?

I met my friends Allison & Elisabeth for dinner and Sex and the City last night, and guess what?

We nailed down the date for my first 5k. Elisabeth is already a runner, and she already does half-marathons and triathalons, so I’m way, way behind her. But Allison will start training just like me, since she’s not a runner already.

It goes like this: I start the Cool Runnings Couch to 5k program in August when I go back to school. I should be weighing under 200 around that time (fingers crossed!)

I’ll spend the fall getting through the program. Then?

12/13/08: RDV Sportsplex 5k Reindeer Run

01/24/09: Seasons 52 Park Avenue 5k (Park Ave is my second home… went to college over there!)

02/07/09: Lady Track Shack 5k (I hear this is great for beginners since it’s all women)

02/21/09: House of Hope Run Around the Pines 5k

If I’m not ready in December or January, fine. But I will definitely run the February races.

Woohoo! I’m all fired up. (Sitting here on the couch, not sweating.)


2 Responses

  1. Good for you!! I still don’t want to run unless someone is chasing me, meaning me harm 😉
    But it is a great goal and I am beyond certain you can achieve it!

  2. Wow – I’m so proud of you! You’re going to do great!! I want to do a run like that too – so I’ll have to check out that program too.

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