The Big Dawgs are Meeting

The American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery is holding their 25th Annual Meeting this week. According to the program, they’re covering all kinds of relevant information that we’ve all been talking about lately:

  • Sex after bariatric surgery
  • Plastic surgery after bariatric surgery
  • Pharmacological impacts of bariatric surgery, particularly on birth control pills
  • Nutrition and bariatrics, particularly vitamin D issues
  • Pregnancy after bariatrics: should all patients be referred to a high-risk OB?
  • Operations on the super-obese: is it safer and more effective to do the procedure in one stage?
  • Long-term regain (YIKES)

etc, etc, etc.

All good stuff. I’d love to be there. But, alas, all I can do is read the program and imagine all the important information I’m missing. Then again, maybe I should be glad I’m not there… some of it’s pretty scary.


2 Responses

  1. I looked over the program…I think I’d like to be a fly on that wall too. I appreciate immensely these surgeons/nurses/etc. who dedicate their practice to helping people get back to a healthy life.

    they’ll never know how much I appreciate them.

    there’s a gal that goes to my church who was one of the nurses who operated on me. i think I blogged about it, but she intro’d herself at church, as she recognized me and I’d never remembered meeting her! every time i see her, i feel this HUGE debt of gratitude to her…she’ll never realize!

  2. There are several of those topics that I’d love to know more about as well… but I guess we just have to hope that our support group leaders and doctors were able to attend, and will pass the information along.

    Or is there some way to look over some of the information after the meeting is over?

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