Sister sister

So since Rach is working on health & fitness now too, we talked about how we can do it together even though we don’t live near each other.

Neither one of us wants to do food logging back and forth (thank GOD!)

So here’s a format we came up with: Rach’s weigh-in day is Monday, so on Mondays we will either email or chat about the following:

Successes of the previous week: either good meals or workouts worth sharing, weight loss, etc. (I have a feeling I’ll also be sharing failures as well)

Goals for the following week: can be food, workout, or habit-related

And we also share our current weight. This is totally new for us. In our family, weight was always shrouded in secrecy, so telling the numbers is something totally different. I actually like it: no, I don’t want everybody to know how much I weigh (or worse: weighed!) but she’s my sister. We’re fighting the same fight together.

So we’ve talked about our goals up through Monday. We’ll check back in then, report on progress, set new goals for the next week, and then give each other feedback.

Who knows if this will be too structured or too frequent or whatever. We may totally change it up and do something different, but for now it’s what we’re trying. And I’m thrilled!


2 Responses

  1. I’m so excited for you… I can’t wait to hear how it goes on Monday.

  2. Sounds like a great plan, Meg!

    The hardest thing for me has been sharing my weight and now photos on the internet, so I totally understand! I find myself just closing my eyes and jumping in with both feet!

    It must be wonderful to have a sister to share your journey with!

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