5 Months

I’m 5 months out from surgery as of yesterday, and things are going quite well!

I’ve lost 71 pounds since surgery, 138 total. 86 pounds left to a normal BMI.

My weight loss has slowed somewhat. During month 1 I lost 22 pounds; month two, 11 pounds; month 3, 13 pounds; month 4, fourteen pounds; and month 5, I’m back to just 11 pounds lost.

I can’t afford a slowdown. I really, really want to lose at least 13 pounds over each of the next two months… that will put me at/below 200 before I start back to school. I don’t want to miss that goal.

So why the slow down this month?

Well, I’ve been pretty lenient with my food. Lots of popcorn and pretzels instead of nutritionally dense calories. That has got to stop. I need to learn that lesson NOW.

I also changed the workout routine to just 30 minutes of interval training, 5 days per week. Perhaps that isn’t the best plan. Working out a little longer may help kick the weight loss back in gear.

Also? It has been at least 3 weeks since I lifted any weights. Must get back on track with weights.

But at 5 months post-op, I feel good about what I’ve accomplished thus far. I’m complication-free, feeling great, and enjoying every little pound lost!


4 Responses

  1. Congratulations! You’ve earned it!

  2. As you should, Miss Meg! You looked fantabulous when I saw you in May and I have every confidence that you will make your goal!!

  3. You and I are neck in neck with our weight loss post surgery, but your pre surgery weight loss makes me want to kick myself. I wish I had done better before I went under to try and get healthy….


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