Me? Seriously?

If I tell you what I did yesterday, you won’t even believe it. I barely do.

The day started normally: re-boot laundry (as it’s called using the FLYlady cleaning system), eat a protein bar, and head to the gym.

At the gym, I went a little crazy. I did my regular 30-minutes of interval on the cross trainer, but hit some kind of endorphin rush and wanted to keep going. The movie in the cardio theater was good, so I did a little stair climbing, some biking, and some more cross-training. It was a solid two-days worth of exercise. (Edited to add: I’d slacked off on the gym earlier in the week, so it really just evens out.)

When I got home, there was a voicemail waiting from my dad. See, my mom has this bible study group, and one of the ladies is having some kind of crisis, and she needed everyone to get together, but she also needed privacy. So dad was kicked to the curb for a couple hours.

His idea? Let’s go on a bike ride!

Reasons to say “Heck naw”:

  1. I haven’t been on a real (not stationary) bike since age… elevenish. That’s 15 years off a bike.
  2. Dad used to be a hard-core bike rider, so he’s got all this fancy gear and he’s used to it and he’s all “Push yourself!” all the time.
  3. Remember the tragedy of my girly bits LAST time I was on a bike at the gym? I swore them off forever.
  4. I don’t even own a bike.
  5. I had already done a double-workout at the gym.

Reasons to say “sure!”

  1. What else was I going to do, sit home and watch Tivo?
  2. Lee was working and I hate being home alone.
  3. I’m always up for a challenge.
  4. Dad had another bike I could ride.

So I went. I had exactly 15 minutes after getting home from the gym to get dressed and leave for the bike ride.

And you guys?

We rode freakin’ TEN MILES on those suckers!

My ass hurt the moment I got on that dang bike, but I didn’t want to be a quitter. So we rode. And rode. And rode. By the time we turned around to head back up the bike trail, my girly bits were in horrible pain. Dad let me rest after I threatened him with the inability to ever bear him grandchildren, and we were off again.

We went slow, because of me. Dad could have rocked it.


Not only was it crazy-awesome to be physically ABLE to ride those 10 miles, but it was incredible to be working my body, outside in the sun, pushing through pain, and really challenging myself. Not to mention what that meant for food that day; before the bike ride, I had eaten 400 calories in protein bars, which left me in a calorie deficit considering calories burned at the gym.

When the ride was over, I was truly eating for FUEL. My body was depleted of glycogen. I chomped on watermelon until I couldn’t eat any more, restoring that balance. Eating purely for fuel. Stuff I NEEDED. I understand that what it’s supposed to be like all day, every day, but let’s face it… I spend a whole lot of time telling myself “I don’t really need that” or “I probably shouldn’t have that.” It feels so incredible to NEED the food you’re eating.

My ass hurts. Badly. But? We’re going to ride again. Maybe someday I’ll be one of those svelte women you see riding in all the gear with the kick-ass leg muscles and the great tan.

Because I could totally do it.


6 Responses

  1. Congratulations… you rocked it in my book! I’m so impressed… I don’t know that I’m physically ready to push myself that hard, but then again – this is my third week of feeling like a bus hit me… which totally gets in the way of working out.

    I’m so proud of you – you truly are my inspiration… and maybe we can work up and all do a triathlon at some point in a year or so?

  2. oh my…you have my undying adulation! ten miles is amazing and wonderful! *claps*

    I bet you feel like you can scale a mountain right now, huh?! I’m so proud of you, meghan!

    my weekend was not as great. Here’s the damage…in one weekend I ate: three bites of cake, one bite of gelatto, one bite of peanut butter mousse, and other various unhealthy amounts of carbs. what was I thinking?!?

    I wish, wish, wish I dumped like a crazy fool. as shown, i do not. *grimace.

  3. @ Kim: OOOH, a triathlon!! Oh my gosh, I’m SO down for that. Although the swimming part is a little scary!

    @ Lacy: Another way to look at it? BITES! One bite of this, three bites of that… bites don’t kill people, whole-servings do! These little bites… probably really satisfying, huh? That’s a miracle in and of itself! And you probably DO dump, but these little bites don’t contain all that much sugar. If you ate more, I’m sure you’d be feeling it. Don’t beat yourself up, you’re still the Weight Loss Queen. 🙂

  4. Awww, I loves you meg. I was all “dude, three bites of cake” I’m gonna start convulsing at any moment…

    but, i didn’t. 🙂

  5. post moar, dammit! post moar!


  6. Wowwwwwwwwwwww!!! Way to go girl 🙂

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