Crazy Psyched

You know how excited I was after Saturday’s bike ride (despite the pain)? As the week has progressed, I’m even more pumped. I know it seems silly to think I’m going to ride every week when I’ve only done it once, but if I get that kind of work out every time? I’m sold.

I can imagine myself as a cyclist: those strong legs, lean body, great health. It’s now a part of my mental image for a healthy new me.

So without trying to become too obnoxious about my new obsession, I’ve found a cycling workout I can do in the gym to help get me in shape for the trails. It is, of course, a form of interval training (how’d you guess?!) and I’m going to give it a shot tonight:

I’ll let you know how that goes. Looks like it may kick my arse a little bit at first. Also on the agenda? Riding shorts. Yes, they will look hideous. No, I do not care. If they keep my goodies from hurting, I submit to their power. (By the way, did you know you’re not supposed to wear undies with proper riding shorts? Who knew! Maybe that thong I wore on Saturday just made the situation worse….)

In another couple months, I’ll buy my own bike so long as we keep up with the riding. I can’t wait to actually get onto something comfortable.

Dad and I are signed up for this ride in October. We can choose to ride anywhere from 1-100 miles, so we’ll see how well I’m doing by that point. 100 is out of the question, but hey… maybe 30? 40?

I want to go for this ride here in the town where I live. It looks really cool, but it’s on the road instead of a bike trail. And the road is scary. But I really want the jersey!

And no, I haven’t given up on the dream of a 5k. But already, I love cycling because you can move so quickly. You get to SEE a lot. Cover a lot of ground. Running doesn’t hold the same appeal. But still… not giving up on that dream.

And now I promise to stop gushing about cycling. At least until Saturday.


2 Responses

  1. You know – you might be ready for a triathalon at some point… biking running and even swimming… who knows?!

    Do you guys have anything there called the MS150? We have a deal where over the course of 2 days people (thousands of them) ride from Houston to Austin… which is like a 2.5 hour ride by car… one of my friends (Donna – of the blog She Didn’t Have Time – check her out on my links) just completed it this spring. So maybe she can give you the benefit of her wisdom with biking?

  2. I think you can do anything you set your mind to, Meggers! You are amazing!

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