I guess it shows?

I’ve had four students swing by my office today, and they’ve all said the same thing: “You’ve lost some weight… you look great!”

One even said, “you’ve lost a TON of weight! What, like 50 pounds or something? You must feel so much better.” I said, “well, I’ve lost a little more than that actually and I do feel fantastic… thank you for noticing!”

It’s hilarious to me that people are noticing. At 142 pounds gone. If they only knew!


3 Responses

  1. I think it is hilarious the way people under estimate weights! I have lost 85+ lbs now and my firend says she doesn’t notice a difference hardly (she is thin and very self-involved) but others are just now starting to notice. Either way I feel so much better! Congrats on your awesome weight loss

  2. I’m bad about seeing those things in people myself… I can notice weight loss or gain in people at large amounts, but I’d never be able to put a number on it. I can’t judge any sort of height, weight, or distance in my mind like that.

  3. I can so see it in your pictures! When I rode my new bike up to the park today, I ran into my friend, Tod, and he said he could definately notice, especially in my boobs. He apologized, but I told him no problem….I would love to have smaller boobs!

    The student comments must make you feel awesome!

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