Back on the wagon

I’ve been truly struggling with my eating and exercising this past week. I don’t know what triggered it, but I’ve been lazy at the gym, lazy about cooking, lazy about meal-planning, lazy about everything. Even lazy about vitamins. I skipped 2 calciums and an iron this week. THIS IS NOT LIKE ME.

So until I figure out what’s up, I’m just going to plan the hell out of my upcoming week so that there’s less room for screwing up. If I have a plan, all I have to do is follow through. I don’t need motivation, I don’t need to think, I just need to DO.

I won’t bore you with my entire food plan for the week, but I will bore you with my workout plan. Because my weight is stalled (normal, I know) and 199 is so stinking close I can feel it and I want it BAD.

So here’s the plan:

Monday: 30 minutes of interval on the cross-trainer + weights

Tuesday: 30 minutes of interval cycling + yoga/stretching

Wednesday: 30 minutes of interval on the cross-trainer + weights

Thursday: 1-hour cycle class

Friday: 30 minutes of interval on the cross-trainer + yoga/stretching

Saturday: Cycling with dad

This isn’t some serious athletic regiment. This isn’t boot camp. We’re talking no more than an hour of exercise per day. I can do this. I have done this for months. And I will follow the plan this week.


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  1. Meg,

    I think we will always struggle with this. I know I go off course sometimes too. But I do exactly what you are doing and pull myself back to the habits I need to have to be healthy. but look at is this way, you were self-aware enough to take action and you are much healthier having lost the weight you’ve already lost. The rest is just gravy! Keep it up.

  2. I so know how you feel – I am with you on that too, and after I get through my tests tomorrow – I’m planning on getting serious about workouts and food… I’m finally going to get around to my 7 day challenge!! I can’t eat until around 12 or 1 tomorrow – so I figure that is to much of a deficit to work back from to get my full protein in for the day. So I’ll start Tuesday.

  3. way to go. 🙂

  4. You will totally do it, Meg, because we know you and know how determined you are!

    I picked myself up one of those weekly pill planners at Walmart that had an AM and a PM side to it and it looks a bit like this

    This has helped me tremendously! I used to forget a pill here or there, but I load this baby up on Saturdays and I am set for the week!

  5. I just want to publicly confess that I suck. It’s less public since it’s on YOUR blog rather than mine. *laughs* This post made me realize that maybe a schedule would be good for me too, Meghan. More so a menu than anything else, b/c I feel like I’ve slipped into a less planned regimen than I’d like. Especially since this is (oh my! today is!) six months since surgery, and the belt buckle needs to be tightened and I/we need to get even more serious about our goals.

  6. […] Posted on July 18, 2008 by megameggs I am happy to report that I did follow my workout plan for this week. I’m back in the saddle, you could say. Spinning class was incredible… we climbed like […]

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